Harry Potter book review.

This is my first review, and I decided to do it on the world-wide hit, Harry Potter. First things first, I’ve read the series 3 times rounding here and there (I read the second one twice, the fifth one 4 times, etc.). And I worship J.K. Rowling. So let’s get started:
Review- the first book is my favorite book I’ve ever read. Period. It’s so filled with excitement and suspense! Book two- it’s the beginning of a long and treacherous journey. Book three- it’s the first time we see the REAL dark side of J.K.’s writing. Book four- is very suspenseful and also very amazing. Book 5- shows Harry’s really, really, really angry side. Book six- is the first “romantic” book. Book 7- is the end. And I want to cry. The one thing HP lacked was (thinking, thinking,) sorry- I can’t think of anything!
I really enjoyed J.K. Rowlings work- it is a true piece of priceless art.
I hope you enjoyed my first ever blog on Louisabelsreads!