Harry Potter book review.

This is my first review, and I decided to do it on the world-wide hit, Harry Potter. First things first, I’ve read the series 3 times rounding here and there (I read the second one twice, the fifth one 4 times, etc.). And I worship J.K. Rowling. So let’s get started:
Review- the first book is my favorite book I’ve ever read. Period. It’s so filled with excitement and suspense! Book two- it’s the beginning of a long and treacherous journey. Book three- it’s the first time we see the REAL dark side of J.K.’s writing. Book four- is very suspenseful and also very amazing. Book 5- shows Harry’s really, really, really angry side. Book six- is the first “romantic” book. Book 7- is the end. And I want to cry. The one thing HP lacked was (thinking, thinking,) sorry- I can’t think of anything!
I really enjoyed J.K. Rowlings work- it is a true piece of priceless art.
I hope you enjoyed my first ever blog on Louisabelsreads!



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    I brought you another link. I am currently having a blogger Meet and Greet. There are 70 comments there. Try and find a review blogger. Look them over and see if any review literature. I know they do. Ken is a book blogger, and he is there. You could read their blogs as examples, and let them know about your blog as well.
    Here is the link to my Meet and Greet. http://wp.me/p5jxvv-Yy


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